Iron Man director takes shot at 5 RPM and Parkour fighter’s got his back

I was just told that filmmaker Jon Favreau tweeted about a commercial he directed for Wrigley’s 5 RPM Gum, known for supposedly having fewer than five calories in each stick. Not sure about the health benefits, but I was all over the Wrigley’s table during last year’s New York Comic-Con. I mean, come on: Tasty gum; good-looking women; and games? All free? What more do you need!

Aside from the fact that this 5 RPM Gum commercial happened to be helmed by Iron Man and Cowboys & Aliens director Jon Favreau, it starred Parkour and professional street runner Daniel Ilabaca. It’s also Favreau’s first commercial for a brand.

Check out the commercial just below the two images.

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