Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert teams with comics publisher for groundbreaking multimedia animation event

Comic book social media network Graphicly, along with animation software development company Reallusion, are teaming up with comics publisher Creative Impulse Entertainment, to launch a branded online animation event for the mixed martial arts comic book series, JFH: Justice For Hire. Dubbed the JFH Free For All, the event will premiere the pilot episode of the JFH Motion Comic Animation and give away free downloads of an issue of the JFH: Justice For Hire comic book, as well as supply the online community with free tools to animate their own Justice For Hire action scene for a panel of celebrity viewers. The panel includes comic book legend and acclaimed animation director Neal Adams, veteran comic writer Jan C. Childress, Star Wars fan-favorite Ahmed Best, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Master and action choreographer, John Machado.

Participation in the animators’ event is not required to download free comics, videos and other content.

Reallusion’s John Martin said, “The opportunity for anyone to animate JFH comic artwork, have those animations seen by comic industry professionals and shared via is an elite exposure opportunity. Reallusion’s CrazyTalk gives storytellers and fans of JFH storytelling the ultimate comic creator for motion comics. We’re happy to sponsor the JFH event and enable not only pros but also comic fans to become animators. Even comic fans that are first-time animators can apply what they know about good action sequences and bring the characters from JFH to life with their voices and CrazyTalk. Everything you need to be a motion comic animator is in the JFH Free-for-All!”

JFH lead animator and founder of Willow Road Animation, Zach Shelton, adds, “We’re excited to push motion comics to the next level with such great creative and technical partners. Thanks to the facial animation we’re able to achieve with Crazytalk, we’re able to really push the kind of emotions that our characters are feeling. We also have access to top-notch martial artists to bring the kind of bone-snapping action that you’ve never seen before in motion comics.”

With the mantra of being a multimedia playground for artists who fuse the mediums of comics, films, music, and games, Creative Impulse Entertainment is an award-winning production company that develops multimedia content. The core of the CIE initiative is the creation of cutting-edge, engaging, and meaningful entertainment geared toward the growing global marketplace on all platforms.

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JFH Free For All runs through March 9th, 2012 and is live now at Facebook RIGHT HERE.

Source: MyFantasyArt