Help Curse of the Phantom Shadow in the spirit of Comic-Con!


I received an email yesterday from Mark Ross, an independent filmmaker in the Las Vegas area who’s currently in production on a 25 minute short concept film titled Curse of the Phantom Shadow. With New York Comic-Con 2011 kicking off tomorrow, and me knowing first hand the trials and tribulations indie filmmakers have while trying to complete their projects, I thought I’d share his info. So if you feel the spirit, help this brotha out.

Curse of the Phantom Shadow is described as an homage to:

  • Radio Dramas
  • The Phantom
  • B Movies
  • Dick Tracy
  • Batman
  • Spy Smasher
  • The Shadow
  • Republic Movie Serials
  • Comic books
  • Pulp Novels/Magazines of the 1930s/1940s

Our film takes place in 1948. We have professional actors, some of which have been in Hollywood productions. Until recently, we were 100% self financed from my personal savings. We are now trying to raise money to finish our production. – Mark Ross

Check out Mark’s Kickstarter video below or go to to find out more about Curse of the Phantom Shadow.

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