Devil’s Grove puts Hostel and Wolf Creek to shame


Devil's Grove

The controversial horror film Devil’s Grove – also the first in the “New York City Horror Film Festival Presents” label – hit DVD on June 7th. Devil’s Grove certainly lives up to it’s pedigree as one of the most brutal low budget independent horror films in recent memory, putting a capital “S” in Shock value. Devil’s Grove shows the creative freedom independent filmmakers have over studio productions of the same genre.

I was surprised at the production quality and realism of the gore in Devil’s Grove. The story is merely there to fill the minutes – some film students making a documentary about a local amusement park years after there was a brutal mass killing there. The real reason to watch this torture horror is for the torture scenes, which are absolutely brutal. Add to that special effects which truly make you fear for the victims in the film.

If you’re into movies like Hostel and Saw, then Devil’s Grove is one you’ll definitely want to watch.

The only bonus material you’ll find on the DVD include the film’s trailer, a set of production stills, and a reasonably good commentary by co-directors Michael J. Hein (founder of the New York City Horror Film Festival) and R. Zoe Judd, as they discuss their experiences making the film and working with the cast and crew.



Directors: Michael J. Hein, R. Zoe Judd
Writers: Rick Amburgey, R. Zoe Judd
Cast: Kimberly Magness, Morgan Beetham, Bill Childers, Chris Cochran, Heather Davidson, Brooke Devenney, Jack Halpin, Michael J. Hein, Ryan Horan, Andrew Koslow, Shannon O’Keefe, Susie Silva, Benjamin T. Sobczyk, Rachel Stewart, Chris Tinsley, Philip Titlebaum, Brian K. Turner, Kevin Turner, Nick Vose

Check out the trailer for Devil’s Grove below.

Devil's Grove DVD packaging
Devil's Grove DVD packaging