Starmaker: Leviathan trailer online


Dare Comics recently released a book trailer for the new series of graphic novels Starmaker: Leviathan.

Starmaker: Leviathan – which was created by Adam Hamdy, and contains art by David Golding, along with colors by Mark Roberts (the critically-acclaimed team behind The Hunter) – is a 425 page sci-fi epic that’s being published in four parts. The story centers on Jacob Carter, who’s parents died when he was a young child. Carter was kidnapped by their assistant Victor Kord, who was convinced that Jacob’s parents were part of a global conspiracy known as the Leviathan. Kord indoctrinates Jacob to smash the conspiracy, and as he gets closer to finding the truth, his actions put the entire planet in jeopardy.

Check out the book trailer for Starmaker: Leviathan below.

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