Dare Comics to unveil concept art from The Hunter film adaptation at SDCC 2010


Dare Comics is set to unveil concept designs for The Hunter feature film at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 next week, to give fans a sense of how the comic will translate to film.

Australian director Shane Abbess, noted for directing feature film Gabriel, has been instrumental in shaping the strong aesthetic.

Dare Comics writer and founder Adam Hamdy, says “Right from the start, he (Abbess) wanted to take The Hunter beyond a standard superhero movie. In addition to action sequences that will blow people’s minds, we’ve been working hard on building strong, believable characterization, and compelling story lines. There’s a depth to the film that is mirrored in its unique visual style, which can only be described as high-technology meets dark romance… We’re excited to share the designs with fans. We’re working hard to ensure that The Hunter feature film is an original, entertaining experience.”

Founded in 2007, Dare’s debut publication, The Hunter, launched in December 2007, quickly earning widespread critical acclaim and achieving great commercial success, with a growing readership that has already topped 130,000 worldwide. An animated comic series of The Hunter is already in production, with development continuing on the feature film and video game.

Dare Comics will be showcasing the new designs at Booth #5535 throughout San Diego Comic-Con.

The Hunter is described as a contemporary superhero comic set against the backdrop of global politics and organized crime. The title launched in 2007 to widespread critical acclaim. Using an innovative combination of print and online distribution, The Hunter has attracted a large international readership.

Click on the image below to see a larger version of what’s in store.

Concept art from The Hunter
Concept art from The Hunter