Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm to play Captain America?

Chris Evans, who played Johnny Storm in two Fantastic Four films, has been offered the role of Captain America in The First Avenger: Captain America, according to HeatVisionBlog.

According to the report, Marvel has not confirmed this development however.

Apparently Evans could star in up to three Captain America films, plus The Avengers films and appear in several other Marvel projects, however one possible complication is that Evans is committed to co-starring in the Anna Faris romantic comedy What’s Your Number?, which is scheduled to shoot this summer at the same time as Captain America.

Evans wasn’t in the initial round of actors being considered to play Captain America and his alter ego Steve Rogers, which for the most part leaned to the newcomer side. Michael Cassidy, Patrick Flueger, Scott Porter, Wilson Blethel, Garrett Hedlund, Mike Vogel, John Krasinski and Chace Crawford, were all reading for the part. Joe Johnston is attached to direct the film.