Jackie Chan’s Shinjuku Incident currently in limited U.S. release

I don’t know how this one slipped past me. Jackie Chan’s fact-based thriller Shinjuku Incident opened nationwide in select U.S. cities including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Honolulu, Houston and Seattle on February 5th.

Shinjuku Incident brings together two of Hong Kong’s biggest box office draws: international star Jackie Chan and acclaimed director Derek Yee (Full Throttle, Lost in Time, Drink-Drank-Drunk). Despite having acted in almost 100 movies for more than three decades, Chan presents a dark, dramatic side in Shinjuku Incident never before seen by his audiences.

In Shinjuku Incident, Chan plays Nick – an illegal Chinese immigrant trying to survive on the Yakuza run streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo in the 1990’s where he struggles with entering and exiting a life of crime in an attempt to make a better life for his people.

“I first came across news reports of Chinese migrants in Japan back in the 90’s. Although very little was known of these communities because they were illegal and underground, I wanted to present a Chinese viewpoint of their lives – it’s not a real story but an adaptation of what my research revealed,” said Yee.

The film also stars Daniel Wu, whose character totally transforms from timid to terrifying as Nick’s fellow villager-turned illegal immigrant; and the beautiful Fan Bing Bing who plays the strong yet sweet, street-smart Lily.

To find theater locations and buy tickets, visit shinjuku-movie.com/theatres.html.

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