Anime and horror festival Zonacon coming to Orlando this month

Join Jim O’Rear (Star Trek 4), Sybil Danning (Howling 2), Terrance Zdunick (Repo), a Return Of The Living Dead reunion, and many more guests on November 20-22 in Orlando, Florida, for Zonacon, a celebration of anime and horror.

Date: November 20-22, 2009

Holiday Inn International Drive Resort
6515 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819

For more information on Zonacon, check out

Here is a partial list of events happening at Zonacon (see website for updated information).

Thursday November 19, 2009

  • Registration opens at 6pm

Friday November 20,2009

  • Panels begin at 3pm
  • Gaming opens at 2pm
  • LAN room opens at 2pm
  • Maid Café opens at 2pm
  • Vendor room opens at 4pm
  • Opening Ceremonies at 4pm
  • Murder Mystery begins at the Opening Ceremonies
  • Trick or Treat in the Vendor Room
  • Marvel vs DC Zombies 4:45 PM
  • Rock Band: Room Full of Strangers 7pm
  • Movies begin at 8pm
  • Cosplay Improv (adult edition) 8pm
  • Wake up the Dead 10pm
  • Hentai 11pm
  • Game room closes at 12midnight
  • LAN Room (check with the hours at the show)

Saturday November 21,2009

  • Registration desk opens at 8am
  • Vendor room 10am
  • Game room 10am
  • LAN room (check at the door)
  • Panels 10 am
  • Marvel vs DC Zombies 10 AM
  • Maid Cafe opens for breakfast (check at the door of the Maid Café)
  • Murder Mystery rehash with Inspector Joel Wynkoop and Chief Inspector Robert
  • Axelrod 12:30pm
  • Cosplay contest 1pm-2pm
  • How to get into reality TV and it’s dirty little secrets 2-4
  • Gothic Alice in Wonderland
  • Line begins for Terrance Zdunich signing 3pm (no saving spots)
  • Terrance Zdunich first signing 4-6pm
  • Cosplay Improv PG13 4-5
  • Scream Contest 5-6
  • Showing of REPO! the Genetic Opera with shadow cast 7pm
  • Q&A 9-10
  • Rave from the Grave 11pm
  • Terrance Zdunich second signing 10-11pm
  • REPO! The Genetic Opera without the shadow cast 10pm
  • Horror Movies
  • Gaming
  • LAN Games
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show Midnight!!!!! (18 and up only. Age checks will be done at the door)

Sunday November 22,2009

  • Registration 8am
  • Terrance Zdunich panel on his graphic novel 12
  • Third and final signing 1pm-3pm
  • Who done it is revealed 2:30
  • Costume contest 3pm
  • Closing with the Monster Mash 4pm
  • Vendor room closed at 4pm
  • All panel rooms closed at 4pm
  • All gaming rooms closed at 4pm
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