Win one of two copies of Gangland: The Complete Season Four 3 disc DVD set

Gangland: The Complete Season Four
Gangland: The Complete Season Four

On August 25th, delve deep into the real stories of America’s most brutal gangs – a world rarely seen by the uninitiatied – in the next DVD installment of the groundbreaking series from History, Gangland: The Complete Season Four. To celebrate the release of this 3 disc DVD set, FilmFetish is giving away two copies of the complete set to readers.

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In order to be entered into this random drawing, you must also:

  1. Reply to this post, and tell me the name of the best gang film ever made.

I’ll be running this contest through August 15, 2009. So Warriors…. come out to plaayyyaaahh.

More on Gangland: The Complete Season Four
They’re known for killing and terrorizing, and they’ve left their violent mark on our nation’s history. Delve deep into the rich and often brutal bloodlines ofAmerica’s gangs, from Memphis and St. Louis to Dallas, Charlotte, and Detroit, as Gangland: The Complete Season Four goes to the darkest corners of the country to infiltrate some of the most dangerous terrain in the world.

Unprecedented access to the inner workings of the country’s most feared gangs, incisive historical analysis, and interviews with law enforcement specialists paint a violently accurate and compelling portrait of gang life in America, and provide insight into why these gangs exist, how they operate, their increasingly destructive methods, and the alarming rate at which they’re spreading to suburban and rural areas.

Gangland: The Complete Season Four gains access to 12 of the country’s most dangerous gangs on 3 DVDs.

Run Time: 9h, 24 mins. plus extras
Format: DVD/3 Discs
DVD Release Date: August 25, 2009

Gangland: The Complete Season Four DVD packaging
Gangland: The Complete Season Four DVD packaging
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