Writer attached to Total Recall remake


Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall

Get ready for a surprise!

Columbia Pictures has tapped Kurt Wimmer – who wrote and directed Equilibrium and Ultraviolet, and is rumored to be attached to helm the Metal Gear Solid adaptation – to pen a new version of Total Recall for the developing remake of the 1990 Paul Verhoeven sci-fi action movie that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to Variety.

The new film will be a contemporized adaptation of the sci-fi epic, originally based on the Philip K. Dick story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.

According to reports, Total Recall was resurrected for remake earlier this year by the studio and producer Neal Moritz and his Original Films banner. Columbia purchased remake rights from Miramax, which has the option to co-finance the film when it is ready to shoot. No word on if any ‘Johnny Cabs’ will be featured in the new film.

Here’s the trailer for the original Total Recall.

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