Changing Lanes Blu-ray review

Samuel L. Jackson lights up the screen as a rehabilitated alcoholic named Doyle Gipson, who’s trying to put the pieces of his life back together. The largest part of his struggle involves his two children, and on this particular day, he’s trying to get to family court in an attempt to win their custody. He’s ….

Enemy at the Gates Blu-ray review

In 1942 the Nazis cut a deadly swath through Russia. Under the leadership of Kruschev (Bob Hoskins), the citizens of Stalingrad begin to mount a brave resistance, encouraged by the exploits of their local hero, Vassili Zaitsev (Jude Law). An expert sniper, Vassili’s feats become legendary – thanks to propaganda produced by his best friend ….

Taken Blu-ray review

I knew very little about Taken when I first watched it in the theater back in early February. Me and my wife thought it was about as close to the perfect pure action film as they come. Little did I know that there was an even bloodier, more violent version of the film, that was ….

Paycheck Blu-ray review

Paycheck is based on the short story by noted science fiction author Phillip K. Dick, and revolves around Jennings (Ben Affleck), an engineer who works for a company that uses his unique gifts to reverse engineer their rivals’ technology, alter it slightly, and then wipes his memory after he completes every project. When he is ….

Valkyrie Blu-ray review

Valkyrie tells the heroic true story of several German military officers that wholly rejected the ideals of Adolf Hitler and, in an effort to end his assault on German culture, attempt to assassinate him for the greater good of their country. They form a secret alliance with the purpose of removing Hitler from power, understanding ….

Director James Cameron, Variety’s Peter Bart, Precious director Lee Daniels, uber-producer Lauren Shuler Donner to speak at Produced By Conference 2009

In June of 2009, the entire producing community will gather in one place for an extraordinary weekend of discovery, learning and creative inspiration. Presented by the Producers Guild of America and hosted by Sony Pictures Studios, the Produced By Conference brings together the entire producing profession—from acclaimed Oscar and Emmy winners, to experienced team members, ….