Trade in your Warner Bros. HD-DVDs for Blu-ray editions

Harrison Ford and Edward James Olmos in Blade Runner
Harrison Ford and Edward James Olmos in Blade Runner

I Tweeted this yesterday, but thought I would share it here as well. I read on AICN yesterday that Warner Bros. began a new trade-in program for us early-adopters of HD DVDs. If you go to you can search for Warner Bros. titles released on HD-DVD and for $4.95 per film, and $14.95 per boxed set, you can trade in your HD-DVDs for the same title in Blu-Ray.

Of course I immediately jumped on this deal. I traded in the Blade Runner 5-Disc Complete AND Ultimate Matrix HD DVD sets, which retail for about $30 and $80 respectively, on Blu-ray. I also traded Enter the Dragon and 300. I found the site works better with search, rather than trying to organize by letter, but that’s just me.

The whole deal cost me less than $50 bucks, including shipping. As of now, you don’t even need to send in your HD-DVDs either. So as long as you still have those players, you can continue to enjoy those discs. You just need to send in the complete and original outer labels for your titles.

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