Super Bowl madness begins with E-Trade Baby commercial and out-takes right here

It’s been an active movie weekend for me, to say the least. Two movies yesterday and then two more today. Yesterday, I watched Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and Slumdog Millionaire, and I just got back from watching The Wrestler and Revolutionary Road.

I won’t get into what I loved and didn’t love, that’s not the purpose of telling you about my weekend. The point is that before the previews of all four movies I watched, E-Trade took over the Movie-Watcher ads, with out-takes from their upcoming Super Bowl spot, featuring everyone’s favorite talking baby day-trader. This time however, he’s joined by a posse of talking baby friends, all rambling about everything from the bad economy to sexy baby-sitters to how much it sucks to be in time-out.

So I found some of these ads online, and thought I’d share a little laughter with you. Check’em out below.

And here’s last year’s E-Trade baby commercial is below.

The final commercial for this year’s Super Bowl should be hilarious.

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