What is your favorite Shaw Brothers Classic?

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The most signifigant of the Shaw Brothers are Runme Shaw and Sir Runrun Shaw, who was made a knight at one point by the queen of England. He is also the Shaw who is attempting to take the fabled Asian studio private. The Shaw Brothers’ Studio is Hong Kong’s oldest.

Runrun was a pioneer in Hong Kong filmmaking, as well as filmmaking in general. He produced Hong Kong’s first movie with sound, and he even bailed out Macey’s one of the times it was about to go belly-up!

Shaw Brothers studios became the hub of activity during the 1960s and 1970s, when they started producing swordsman and kung-fu films that took the world by storm. Many of the world’s greatest action stars and directors began at the Studio, which at the time was one of the largest, most advanced in the East (only the studios in Japan could compare).

The studio itself was huge, and it contained, among other things: a complete backstage town, several large sound stages, dormitories for the people who lived and worked there (they often worked on incredibly demanding schedules, so most stars and technical crew actually lived at the studio), and complete facilities for post-production work. Many of the stars were trained in acting and martial arts classes that were conducted by the studio.

So, as my little tribute to this venerable studio, this week’s poll asks – Which action classic from Shaw Brothers Studio

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