Brad Pitt and James Gray looking for adventure in Lost City of Z


Cover of David Grann book The Lost City of Z
Cover of David Grann book The Lost City of Z
James Gray, director of We Own the Night, has been tapped by Paramount to helm an adaptation of the adventure novel The Lost City of Z, written by David Grann.

The Lost City of Z will be published in April, and tells the nonfiction epic tale of renowned British soldier, explorer and spy, Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett, who in 1925 embarked on a much publicized search to find the fabled city of Z, which apparently was the site of an ancient Amazonian civilization that may or may not have existed. Fawcett his grown son Jack, never returned, and soon everyone from actors and college professors, along with well-funded explorers, ventured into the same jungle depths to find Fawcett and the city. The book’s author David Grann, was one of those would-be explorers, and a staff writer for the New Yorker. He became interested in Fawcett while researching another story, eventually venturing into the Amazon to satisfy his all-consuming curiosity about the explorer and his fatal mission.

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