The Strangers coming back for another home invasion

Liv Tyler crawls for her life in The Strangers
Liv Tyler crawls for her life in The Strangers
Variety reports that Rogue Pictures is setting up a sequel to its summer hit The Strangers and that Bryan Bertino, wrote and directed the original, will return to write a script for the new project.

It’s expected that Liv Tyler, along with the three original villains, will return for the new movie. In the original film, Tyler and Scott Speedman played a couple who return to an isolated vacation home after a friends wedding, and are terrorized by three masked assailants. Strangers was very well made by Bertino, who had his directing debut with the film. It’s not yet determined whether he’ll direct the sequel, which is expected to begin production in early 2009.

The Strangers was Rogue’s first runaway hit, and they’re approaching the sequel as a franchise, similar to Saw or Scream apparently.

Bertino is currently gearing up for the film Alone, about a woman who suffers a tragedy and becomes a shut-in in a fancy apartment that’s haunted. Alone is also being produced by Rogue, and is expected to hit theaters in 2009. If he does helm The Strangers sequel, it would probably happen after post is completed on Alone.