Eagle Eye, Mission: Impossible and other films to get Manga treatment

Variety reported yesterday that Paramount Pictures is prepping a string of mobile comics based on a number of it’s movie properties. The studio’s Digital Entertainment unit has contracted Singapore-based animation outfit Omnitoons, to deliver a series of Manga-styled comics, the first to be based on the Gurinder Chadha-directed U.K. hit movie Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. That will be followed by additional projects adapted from the upcoming espionage thriller Eagle Eye and the Mission: Impossible franchise.

The comics will be available as single panel strips, with four screens per comic, along with short stories with more than 20 screens per episode. The mobile comics will be made available by download through major phone carriers and content distributors globally.

Paramount says the comics are primarily viewed as marketing support for movies at or just before international theatrical releases, although carriers are treating them as premium, chargeable download content.

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