Release Dates: August 18, 2006

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Take a ride to the edge.

From the creator of Training Day.

Production Company: Crave Films / Harsh Times LLC

Harsh Times focuses on two friends in South Central Los Angeles and the violence that comes between them.

Crew: David Ayer (director, writer, producer); Christian Bale (executive producer); Paul Anthony Barreras, Ros Gorski (associate producers); Mike Crawford (line producer); Jesse Felsot (co-producer); Josef Lieck (assistant line producer); Andrea Sperling (producer)

Cast: Christian Bale as Jim David, Freddy Rodríguez as Mike Alvarez, Tammy Trull as Marta, Adriana Millan as Rita, Armando Cantina as Little Old Man, Kenneth Choi as Fujimoto, Terry Crews as Darrel, Robert Dahey as Store clerk, Jason Davies as US Army Ranger, Chaka Forman as Toussant, César García Gómez as Cesar Garcia, Noel Gugliemi as Flaco, Curtis A. Koller as Undercover FBI Agent, Eva Longoria as Sylvia, Sonia Iris Lozada as Gracie, Michael Monks as Agent Hollenbeck, Paul Renteria as Ranchero, Armando Riesco as Cop, Emilio Rivera as Eddy, Craig Ricci Shaynak as Gillespie, J.K. Simmons as Agent richards, Abel Soto as Young Cholo, Daniel J. Soulsby as FBI Agent, Randy Tobin as DEA Agent Wannabe, Tania Verafield as Patty, Kirk Wilson as Army Ranger

Studio: Bauer Martinez Studios

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