Release Dates: AUGUST 6, 2004


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Taglines: It started like any other night.

Production Company: Parkes / MacDonald Productions

A cab driver (Jamie Foxx) finds himself the hostage of an engaging contract killer (Tom Cruise) as he makes his rounds from hit to hit during one night in LA. He must find a way to save both himself and one last victim.

Crew: Michael Mann (director and producer); Stuart Beattie (writer);Bryan H. Carroll, Gusmano Cesaretti, Michael Doven and Julie Herrin (associate producers); Frank Darabont, Robert N. Fried, Peter Giuliano and Chuck Russell (executive producers); Julie Richardson (producer); Michael Waxman (co-producer)

Cast: Tom Cruise as Vincent, Jamie Foxx as Max, Jada Pinkett Smith as Annie, Mark Ruffalo as Fanning, Peter Berg as Richard Weidner, Bruce McGill as Pedrosa, Irma P. Hall as Ida, Barry Shabaka Henley as Daniel, Richard T. Jones as Traffic Cop #1, Klea Scott as Fed #1, Bodhi Elfman as Young Professional Man, Debi Mazar as oung Professional Woman, Javier Bardem as Felix, Emilio Rivera as Paco and Jamie McBride as Traffic Cop #2

Studio: DreamWorks / Paramount

Other Info:

Film Fetish trivia:
Val Kilmer was in negotiations to play a detective, but later turned down the role due to schedule conflicts with the film Alexander.

Adam Sandler almost played the role of Max before Jamie Foxx got the part.

Collateral was originally set in New York City, but when Michael Mann got the project, he changed the setting to Los Angeles.

There are no opening credits to Collateral, nor title for the movie.

Edward Norton and Colin Farrell were both offered the role of Vincent, before Tom Cruise came on board the project.

Tom Cruise’s full name is Vincent Collateral in the movie, and the original title for the movie was Mr. Collateral. During pre-production, producers removed the lines where Vincent declares his last name and shortened the title of the movie to simply Collateral.

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