Production Company: TroubleMaker Studios

Studio: Miramax

Cast: Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan, Rosario Dawson as Gail, Elijah Wood as Kevin, Maria Bello as Ava Lord, Bruce Willis as Hartigan, Benicio Del Toro as Jack Rafferty, Michael Clarke Duncan as Manute, Carla Gugino as Lucille, Josh Hartnett as The Man, Michael Madsen as Bob, Jaime King as Goldie/Wendy, Brittany Murphy as Shellie, Clive Owen as Dwight, Mickey Rourke as Marv, Nick Stahl as Junior/Yellow Bastard

Crew: Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller (Diriectors, Screenwriters); Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller, Elizabeth Avellan (Producers); based on the comic book line by Frank Miller, published by Dark Horse Comics

A collection of interweaving stories all based in the corrupt, crime infested hell-hole that is BASIN CITY. Heavily influenced by film-noir, the main storylines concern a hulking brute called MARV (Played by MICKEY ROURKE), who is seeking the murderer of his one true love, GOLDIE (JAIME KING in duel roles) who was killed while asleep in bed with him (along with the help of her twin sister); a photographer called DWIGHT (CLIVE OWEN) who is callously used by a manipulative woman and seeks revenge, only later accidentally killing a hero cop and having to cover it up; and a soon-to-be-retiring policeman called HARTIGAN (BRUCE WILLIS) who is incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit only to find, on his release, the girl he was protecting when he was framed is under threat from a sinister psychopath. The stories are based on the graphic novels SIN CITY, A DAME TO KILL FOR , THE BIG FAT KILL and THAT YELLOW BASTARD, written and illustrated by FRANK MILLER.

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Film Fetish trivia:
Kate Bosworth was the first choice for the role of Gail.

Though the movie is presented primarily in black-&-white, particular items are in color and, as such, had to be colored blue or green on set.

After a poor Hollywood experience in the 1990’s, Frank Miller refused to allow film rights to any of his comic art work, including Sin City. Robert Rodriguez, a longtime fan, filmed his own short film, based on one of the stories. Shot in early 2004, the footage featured Josh Hartnett and Marley Shelton acting out the Sin City short-story The Customer is Always Right. He presented the finished footage to Miller saying that if he liked this, it would be the opening to the film. If not, he’d have his own short film to show his friends. Miller approved of the footage and the film was a go. Rodriguez also screened the footage for all of the actors he wanted to cast – all of which are reported to have been amazed.

Rodriguez insisted that Frank Miller receive a co-director credit with him. The Directors’ Guild of America would not allow it. As a result, Rodriguez resigned from the DGA, saying “It was easier for me to quietly resign before shooting because otherwise I’d be forced to make compromises I was unwilling to make or set a precedent that might hurt the guild later on”. Unfortunately, by resigning from the DGA, Rodriguez was also forced to relinquish his director’s seat on the film John Carter of Mars for Paramount.

Sin City’s use of High-Definition digital cameras in addition to a digital backlot makes it one of the world’s first fully-digital live action motion pictures.

Originally, the film was going to include the story featured in the Sin City series To Hell And Back, with Johnny Depp in the lead role as Wallace. This was scrapped before production began but will most likely be filmed for a sequel as Rodriguez plans to film all of Miller’s stories at some point.

Leonardo DiCaprio was originally up for the role of Junior but eventually declined the role, which later went to Nick Stahl.

Michael Douglas was offered a role but turned it down.

Footage has been so coveted by fans that when a 27-second behind-the-scenes clip appeared on Entertainment Tonight on 19 May 2004, it was quickly (though not officially by the show) placed on the internet and downloaded over one million times. The raw footage featured only quick shots of Bruce Willis and a scantily-clad Jessica Alba performing in front of green-screen.

Although several of the actors already looked similar their characters, some of them underwent make-up and prosthetics to more strongly resemble their Miller-drawn likenesses, including Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Benecio Del Toro and Nick Stahl.

Taglines: Go down the right alley in Sin City, and you can find anything.

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Release Dates: APRIL 1, 2005


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