Studio: Sony Pictures Classics

Cast: Nick Nolte
as Steve, Thu Anh as Mrs. Hoa, Ling
as Ling, Glen Bradford as Wayne,
Thi Hong Bui as Crippled, Cleve Chamberlain
as Viet Nam Veteran, Thi Kim Xuan Chau as
Mai, Dora Chu as Bartender, Phyllis
as Receptionist, Xuan Phuc Dins
as Pham, Kirk Griffith as Ranch owner,
Be He
as Grandfather, Phat Trieu Hoang
as Captain on Junk, Damien Hung as Eng, John
as Jerry, Duc Thuan Khuong
as Mrs. Hoa’s son, Richard Lack as Postal
Clerk, Wee Suu Loke as Official, Victor
as Mexican man, Thi Hoa Mai
as Wa, Don McCoy as Police officer, Ganrasha
as Officer, Temuera Morrison as
Snakeyes, Arthur J. Nascarella as Gruff,
Damien Nguyen as Binh, Than Kien
as Riley, Thi Huong Dung Nguyen
as Lady Barber, Thi Linh Phoung Nguyen as
Exquisite, Thu An Nguyen as Old Woman, Van
Hai Nguyen
as Git Wo, Minh Quoc Pham
as Guard #1, Tim Roth as Captain Oh, Carl
as Truck driver, Chapman To
as Chingmy, Dang Quoc Thinh Tran as Tam,
Libby Villari as Steve’s ex-wife and Tang
as Headservant

Crew: Hans
Petter Moland
(director); Sabina Murray
(story and writer) Lingard Jervey (writer);Tomas
Backstrom, Petter J. Borgli, Terrence Malick
Edward R. Pressman (producers); Kim
Davis, Callum Greene
and Nicholas Simon
(line producers); Jon Katz (co-producer);Sam
Nazarian, Gregory G. Woertz
and Jan Okern
(executive producers)

THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY follows the story of Binh, a shy Vietnamese man in his 20s who embarks on a personal journey with a beautiful young woman, Ling, aboard a refugee ship to America in search of a better life and his estranged America father.

Bui doi-“less than dust”-is a slur aimed at Vietnamese children with American fathers. THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY, set in 1990, relates the odyssey of a young “bui doi” as he escapes Vietnam, endures refugee camp, and survives a brutal ocean crossing and indentured servitude with a human-trafficking ring. Nevertheless, he manages to keep hope, humanity, and a generous spirit alive as he searches for connection with his long-lost family. His quest leads him from Saigon to Malaysia to New York City and, finally, to a remote Texas ranch and a redemptive reunion.

Production Company: Sunflower Productions

Taglines: An epic story of hope.

Official Websites: Sony Classics


Quicktime International Trailer

Release Dates: JULY 8, 2005

Genre: DRAMA

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