Studio: ThinkFilm

Cast: Mabel Adams as Nahmnru, Shawn Ashmore as Denny, Cory Bowles as Amos, Stockard Channing as Olive, Steven Crowder as Actor, Olympia Dukakis as Hilde, Lucy Liu as Jin Ping, Siv Mbelu as Bongile, William Mtakati as Fater Dahmnu, Nancy Nomankantsh as Mounhera, Sandra Oh as Mary, Sarah Polley as Donna Cherry, Ian Roberts as Hallyday, Chloë Sevigny as Clara, Anile Solwandle as Hohtu and Marc Trottier as Randy

Crew: Thom Fitzgerald (writer, produced and director); Bryan Hofbauer (producer); Mark Bennett (associate producer); Michael Gleissner (executive producer)

Three people in different cultures make a deal with the devil to survive a global epidemic.

The film is about transformation. Each character sacrifices one seemingly insignificant belief about themselves, only to feel their entire identity unravel. It also exemplifies the challenges of simple people trying to seek education from an indifferent regime."

A porn actor Denys (Shawn Ashmore) hides his illness so he will not lose his job while his mother (Stockard Channing) makes her own death pact with the disease in order to care for him. A nun in South Africa (Chloe Sevigny) negotiates a dark deal to save the lives of disease-stricken children in her mission. And in a Chinese village, Jin Ping (Lucy Liu) buys blood from farmers who use the money to improve their lives, unaware that she is spreading death.

Production Company: Emotion Pictures

Official Websites: www.bigfootentertainment.com

Release Dates: 2005 in Canada

Genre: DRAMA

Other Info:

8/31/2005 – World Premeire information and how 3 Needles was funded

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