Who is the Next James Bond?


Originally Published: March 25, 2005

According to an article on iesb.com, Julian McMahon, who will soon play Dr. Doom in the Fantastic 4 movie, is apparently keen on playing the next James Bond.

Apparently, he loves talking about the role and linking himself with the part. In the video interview with IESB, he talked about the role and skipped around saying his current status in regards to potentially nabbing it – “People have been talking about different people being included in playing the role, and I’ve been included as one of those people. Whoever signs on will definitely be signed on for a number of Bonds. The thing is, you want someone to continue it for a certain period of time – I don’t think you want to be bringing in a different James Bond every year. Bring him in for five or six.”

Check out the whole interview RIGHT HERE »

Over at the newly launched web site for the upcoming sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Orlando is said to be in “serious talks” to portray James Bond in a film based on an upcoming series of books about the British spy’s early years. “I love the idea, in principle, as he can be far more adventurous and do more stunts. This is as near as I think I will get to playing the grown up James for the next 20 years,” Bloom reportedly said.

So which is it guys? Well, we’re on the case and as soon as we have the answer, we will be post an update.

In the meantime, you can find all about Orlando Bloom’s upcoming Dead Man’s Chest, including who’s in it, the plot, shoting locations and more, in the Film Library RIGHT HERE »

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