USER Film Fast-Tracked

Originally Published: November 9 , 2004

JAMES WHITE, who wrote the biopic RAY about the life of RAY CHARLES, has been tapped by Dimension Films to write the screenplay for the USHER film project, possibly titled DYING FOR DOLLY. Many of the trades have been reporting that the project is still untitled, so this may just be a working title for the film.

Singer and actor USHER, will star in the coming-of-age film about a kid from the streets who finds his path in life through his music. USHER will also produce the soundtrack album for the film.

This project seems to have been put on the fast-track, because only 6 weeks ago, I read a trade article that he had just been signed for a film project with MTV Films, and they had not found a writer or story-line. Now the writer is in place, as well as a story-line.

USHER is extremely talented, so I predict this vehicle to work well for him.

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