Two Martial Arts Jewels From Overseas


Originally Published: October 12, 2004

We have reports on two new martial arts films. One from France and one from Thailand. Not quite where you would expect quality action product come out of, but both of these movies move kinetically across the screen. While the storylines for both seem fairly run of the mill, and the acting leaves much to be desired, chances are, those aren’t the things you will be watching for.You will be watching for the action , and it is on this level that these films deliver the goods.

A number of the movie sites have been talking about the trailer for ONG-BAK recently. The film came out in 2003, under the name ONG BAK: MUAY THAI WARRIOR, in Singapore. I saw it at an Asian film festival earlier this year and thought it was a strong action flick.

Check out the trailer, plus get more great info on when this film hits US shores in the FILM LIBRARY.

The other film is BANLIEUE 13, a French martial arts flick produced by LUC BESSON. Haven’t seen this one yet, but there is a sub-titled trailer out there. I recognized one of the stars as one of the bad guy twins from KISS OF THE DRAGON.

Fnd a link to the trailer and more info on BANLIEUE 13 HERE.

ABOUT THE FILMS: In ONG BAK, Boonting (PHANOM YEERUM) lives in a small and peaceful village on the coast of Thailand. One day a sacred Buddha statue called ONG BAK is stolen from the village by an evil businessman who sells it for profit….MORE

BANLIEUE 13: In Paris, 2013, Damien is the elite of the police force. Officer of a special unit of intervention, expert in martial arts….MORE

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