Skycaptain and the Apple

Originally Published: December 3, 2004

Another inspirational story on Apple’s website is about Kerry Conran’s Skycaptain. It’s been posted for some time. I know, the film didn’t perform as expected, but it’s still amazing how persistence works. Besides, I really enjoyed the movie. It was a niche film made for a broad audience. That’s always going to be a tough sell.

Kerry Conran spent six years of his life, creating the world that eventually became Skycaptain, in his apartment, using a Mac IIsi desktop computer and software available to the general public. In that six years, he attempted to create the entire movie by himself, but only managed to complete six minutes of footage. However, that footage was enough to capture the attention of producer Jon Avnet, who championed the film to the studio that eventually picked it up, Paramount pictures.

Read the entire story HERE.

Visit the Skycaptain website HERE.

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