Revolver Update and Pictures

Originally Published: December 27, 2004

Empire Online has posted world exclusive first look pictures from Guy Ritchie’s latest flick Revolver. Jason Statham just doesn’t look like himself. Take a look at these pictures from the gangster flick RIGHT HERE »


We just found some additional on set pics over at the Z Review. Take a peek at those RIGHT HERE »

One of the producers of this film, Luc Besson, was the director of La Femme Nikita. That film inspired an inferior U.S. remake called Point of No Return in 1993, and the U.S. television series that shared it’s own name.


Director Guy Ritchie’s wife Madonna, has a small role in the film, which, as of this update (12/27/2004) has already apprently been shot.

Empire Online has exclusive first look photos from Revolver:

Cast: Jason Statham as Jake Green, Mem Ferda as Macha’s Goon, Togo Igawa as Fred, Ray Liotta, Madonna, Derek Mak as Lord John Security Man, Vincent Pastore and Vincent Riotta as Benny

Crew: Guy Ritchie (director); Ethan Gross, Guy Ritchie and Paul Todisco (writers); Luc Besson (producer)

The story follows a hotshot gambler (Jason Statham), who becomes tangled in a game with deadly consequences.

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