New Philip K. Dick Adaptation in the Works

Originally Published: April 19, 2005

Sci-Fi Wire reports that director Lee Tamahori will helm Nicolas Cage in the film Next, the latest film adaptation of material by writer Philip K. Dick. Tamahori (Once Were Warriors, Die Another Day and XXX: State of the Union) said in an interview that the movie is set to begin production this summer for a December 8, 2006 release date for Revolution Studios.

Tamahori said that he and Cage are still defining their approach to the project. “I know that sounds elusive, but this is a very tricky project,” he said. “This movie is about time shifting, and time shifting in movies has always been tricky. Nick Cage and I are both looking for a new approach. We’re looking for something that is visually arresting as well as physically fascinating and believable. The technique can wear itself out and become boring very fast. We don’t want to turn this into a science-fiction movie without the science fiction.”Julianne Moore is also attached to the project

Next is based on Philip K. Dick’s short story The Golden Man, about a man with the ability to see short distances into the future. As the story unfolds, he uses his gift to outsmart a secret government organization bent on his capture, as well as to win the love of a woman and prevent a terrorist attack.

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