MATRIX ONLINE Characters Announced


Originally Published: November 2, 2004

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and SEGA, today announced select talent, including Laurence Fishburne, Monica Bellucci and Mary Alice, for The Matrix Online, the massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) based on the popular Matrix series of films.

Capturing the authenticity of the Matrix films, Fishburne (Morpheus), Bellucci (Persephone), Alice (The Oracle), Lambert Wilson (The Merovingian), Harold Perrineau Jr. (Link), Harry Lennix (Lock), Nona Gaye (Zee), Collin Chou (Seraph) and Tanveer Atwal (Sati) have provided voice-overs and their likenesses to the game. Don Davis, the composer for the Matrix trilogy, is also providing the musical score for the online multi-player game.

The game launches on Jan 18th 2005, and the storyline will resume right where the film left off, and players will see, hear and interact with familiar characters while they make gameplay decisions.

The Matrix Online, co-published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and SEGA, is a MMOG where tens of thousands of players will jack into the Matrix world to take an active role in continuing the saga of The Matrix world. Developed by Monolith Productions in conjunction with the Wachowski Brothers, creators of film trilogy, the game will be a re-creation of the virtual world of the Matrix, employing cutting-edge 3-D graphics, networking and server technology. Gameplay in The Matrix Online will be based on intricate and exciting wire-fu combat, an extensive mission structure, social interaction and a completely customizable skill and ability configuration.

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