TARANTINO To Make Another Hong Kong Actioner

Originally Published: November 3 , 2004

It’s been all over the web today that director QUENTIN TARANTINO is planning to make his next film another kung fu epic. It had been widely speculated that his next project would be either the war epic, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS or the long delayed prequel to PULP FICTION. He has also been in discussions with PIERCE BROSNAN about doing a project together for Irish Dreamtime, Brosnan’s production company. That project is rumored to be IAN FLEMING’S CASINO ROYALE.

The project is apparently a kung fu film with all the dialogue in Mandarin Chinese and a separate version with out-of-sync English dubbing in homage to many such films in the past.

In an interview with Total Film magazine, Tarantino said he decided to do the kung fu movie instead of INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, the working title of his long-awaited movie set during World War II.

“I enjoyed shooting all the Japanese stuff in KILL BILL so much that this whole film will be entirely in Mandarin,” he was quoted as saying. “If you’re not up to watching it with subtitles, I really want to do a full-on dubbed version,” he added.

This does follow with a report I heard on a radio broadcast, around the time KILL BILL VOLUME 2 was hitting theaters, that Tarantino had said he wanted to make his next project the most violent movie ever made, a la Japanese Bushiedo films.

My take on this is, with the quality of projects on his list, he could creatively choose new territory (I personally would love to see what he would do with an IAN FLEMING JAMES BOND novel!), but if he could possibly top KILL BILL or take that genre in an even more exciting direction, I am all for it either way.

This is a story we will be following very closely, and will provide updates after we do some more investigating.

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