Emmerich Changing His Soul


Originally Published: February 27, 2005

Blockbuster director Roland Emmerich is getting ready to leave his popcorn image by making “more difficult, socially relevant” films. He stated this recently during a press conference at the Berlin Film Festival. He also introduced his new production/financing company Reel Machine, during the fest, which will be backing his more dramatic efforts.

One of the projects he is developing is Soul of the Age, which has been location scouting on the Isle of Man. The $30m to $35 million dollar intense 16th century drama about the question of the authorship of Shakespeare. The pic was scripted by John Orloff (HBO’s Band of Brothers).

ScreenDaily says Soul “is the story of Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford who lived from 1550 to 1604 and was considered one of the finest poets and dramatists in the court of Queen Elizabeth I. Only in the 20th century did theories emerge that he was the true author of the works of William Shakespeare.”

For you genre fans, Emmerich is still producing through his Centropolis banner also, including directing duties on the coup in the White House thriller Anthem, a.k.a. One Nation, for Columbia Pictures. The film revolves around a federal agent about to discover the origins of a conspiracy of national interest. while an impeached U.S. president refuses to leave the White House.


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