DiCaprio and Scorsese Have Departed


Originally Published: April 6, 2005

I have some exciting updates on the Martin Scorsese directed remake of Infernal Affairs.

To start with, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s Plan B Entertainment is producing the crime thriller, despite their sudden break up a few months ago. That’s great, because it keeps the project on track and not languishing in development hell. To that end, pre- production is underway on the movie.

Jack Nicholson is joining the cast, which currently includes Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio – as an Irish gang boss. Nicholson has met with longtime pals DiCaprio and director Martin Scorsese about the Departed. Nicholson was quoted as saying, “(I’ve been) looking for a bad guy – I just did three comedies. (DiCaprio, Scorsese and I) had been looking for something to do together.” Of his Boston Irishman role, he jokingly added, “I won’t have to act much.” Mark Wahlberg is also scheduled to appear in the film.

Matt Damon, who is co-starring in The Departed, and is one of the biggest stars to come out of Massachusetts’, recently criticized state lawmakers for refusing to match certain tax incentives that other states have offered the film industry. In a phone interview with the Boston Globe, Damon said, “Entertainment-wise, we’re like Third World on the state level. We just don’t get it.” Damon was referring to the production location of the film, which, although set in Boston, is being filmed mostly in New York in order to take advantage of that state’s 15 percent tax credit.

The remake of the 2002 Hong Kong hit Infernal Affairs is this time set in Boston. The Departed centers on a rivalry between the Boston police force and an Irish-American gang, led by Jack Nicholson. A gangster (Damon) is chosen to infiltrate the police force and while a young police cadet (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) is chosen to infiltrate the Irish gang. The two find out that a mole is in each organization and race to find each other’s identity. When their paths cross, sparks (and bullets) will fly.

I have two words for you..Can’t wait!

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