BJ Davis: New Projects, New Company

Originally Published: March 6, 2005

Founder and Creator of Beverly Hills Film Studios, Producer/Director BJ Davis,
is departing Beverly Hills Film Studios to take the helm of
a newly created company, Pear Mound Pictures, that will
produce bigger budgeted films and television product for the

Davis is currently preparing a feature film for Hoboken
Pictures entitled Murder On The Hudson to be shot in
Hoboken, New Jersey later this year with Producers John D.
and Anthony Falco, with an original story and
screenplay by Michelle Landegraf and Julie Rice-Davis.

Davis created Beverly Hills Film Studios in late 2003 as a
privately funded company, along with Hollywood icon,
Producer John D. Schofield, known as the producer of Academy
Award-winning films such as As Good As It Gets, Jerry
and Ali.

Davis brought a variety of film projects to the Beverly
Hills Film Studios and produced several of the company’s
current film slate. “It was truly a pleasure, creating a new
company that already produced two wonderful films and is
well on its way to becoming a viable commercial success.
During my tenure with Beverly Hills Film Studios, we managed
to employ well-known film stars as well as helped to get
people started in their new careers. It has been a
fulfilling experience,” said Davis. The film library and
properties Davis brought to the company will now return to
him and his partners.

One of the films slated to be produced, El Coyote, will be
filmed as an internationally funded co-production written by
renowned Mexican author and screenwriter Manuel Flores.Currently “A” list talent is being sought to finalize this
very commercial package for Davis’ new company.

Davis originally greenlit the feature film Dirty Love,
which was well received by buyers and film critics at the
Sundance Film Festival, starring Jenny McCarthy and Carmen

Davis is finalizing post-production for the feature film
comedy Forget About It that he produced and directed,
starring Burt Reynolds, Raquel Welch, Michael Paloma, Charles Durning and Robert Loggia. The picture is to be
released at the Cannes Film Festival.

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