Anime Network Launches Fulltime


Originally Published: Friday, August 20, 2004

ADV FILMS has announced that the network has launched a web portal to coincide with the launch of it’s linear feed.

The Anime Network was only available On Demand in most markets. As of July 27th, it is available 24/7 in selected major markets.

The network showcases all types of Anime, including classics like episodes of ROBOTECH and SAKURA WARS, during the aptly named OLD SCHOOL segment, to more contemporary stuff like RAHXEPHON.

Check out the site at:

ABOUT RAHXEPHON: In the year 2012, Tokyo is suddenly attacked by a mysterious organization called ‘MU’. At that time Ayato Kamina is just a regular high school student. His father passed away when he was young, and his mother works for government. Ayato meets a mysterious woman named Reika Mishima and discovers the existence of the angel-winged giant robot, RAHXEPHON. Apparently Rahxephon synchronizes with Ayato. So could he the key to save Japan?


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