A So Fresh DVD Release

Originally Published: June 5, 2005

My friends over at Scribble Bibble have worked long and hard to get their first feature, So Fresh, So Clean, on shelves. Well, Waner Brothers Lightyear will be releasing the comedy on June 28.

So Fresh, So Clean…a down and dirty comedy is a day-in-the-hood, slice of urban life story of two lifelong buddies, co-workers, just over broke young men trying to grab a piece of the American dream while making a living at the Tidey Whitey Dry Cleaners. The award winning film from independent producers Lila Polite and Al Attles III arrives on DVD June 28th and is distributed by Warner Home Video and Lightyear Entertainment.

First time feature film screenwriter and co-director Al Attles III through this cleverly crafted screenplay takes us on a wild ride thru the day-in-the-hood madcap adventures of Tidey Whitey Cleaner clerk Kyle Freeman and his co-worker and best friend William “Clem” Clemons.

KYLE FREEMAN (Red Grant-Comicview/Leprechaun in da Hood/Family Reunion) is ambitious, charming, 3 credits shy of his degree, one stop short of hittin’ it big, a self-described ugly guy with cute features and fast running out of options as he tries to rekindle his love affair with the boss’ daughter RACHEL KEYES (Nia Willois)

CLEM (new comer/comedian Sadiki Fuller) is his loyal buddy and his “better” half. Educated, driven, responsible, sensitive, uptight, shy and soon to realize that life on the straight and narrow has its share of ups and downs- particularly when you work with a guy like Kyle.

The story opens as our Narrator (Speedy- Jaimie Foxx’s Laffapalloza, Host of Comicview) introduces us to our charming main characters and sets the stage for life as we know it in the hood.

What follows is classic “round the way” hijinks, baby-mama dram, beat downs, con games, rejection, schoolings, lies, science and fiction, paybacks, trouble, cappin’, reunions, clownin’ and a whole lot of madness goin’ on and all this before quitting time!

DVD Special Features include:

The Reel Bullsh*t
So Fresh, So Clean: Undressed
A Day in the Life- music video

Street Date: June 28, 2005. Available at Blockbuster and where DVD’s are sold. Not Rated: Adult Language. Run Time: 117 minutes

Find out more about So Fresh, So Clean, and watch the hilarious trailer to the film, at the producer’s web site RIGHT HERE »

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