Are You a John Tucker? QUIZ PART 2


On July 28th, 20th Century Fox presents John Tucker Must Die, a teen flick about a high school basketball star and his three unsuspecting girlfriends. When Beth, Carrie and Heather discover that John Tucker is secretly dating all of them, they team up with new girl Kate to do what any brokenhearted teenage girl would – sabotage John Tucker and break his heart. 

In an innovative interactive campaign, the teenage drama of John Tucker Must Die will be presented to fans week by week via MySpace, where each character has their own profile and the storyline will develop through the conversations the girls have with each other and with our anti-hero himself.

Link to each character’s profiles here:

Then answer the following questions to see if you are a John Tucker, or might be dating one.

CLICK HERE for the first set of questions, for those of you who missed them.

Do you know how to spot a John Tucker?
Some helpful hints:

Does he always use a pet name, like baby, or sweetheart? It’s not out of affection, it’s so he won’t mix up your name.

He’s all about “something special” and “our unspoken bond” but never a “relationship”.

Since he “can’t date” he makes you believe this secret arrangement was all your idea.

Than he spins it back on you, making you feel guilty that he cheated.

Still not sure if you are/ are dating a John Tucker? Below is the next set of quiz questions!


Your guy friends …
A. Call you too Sensitive with a capital S.
B. Think you’re the Man with the ladies.
C. Think you’re too quiet and suspect you’re plotting to blow up the Eiffel tower.
D. You don’t have friends.

Your favorite band is
A. Elvis Costello
B. Steffy
C. People on Planes
D. None of the above. There’s no difference between those bands and having Whipped tattooed backwards across your forehead.


When he talks to you he looks
A. In your eyes. They’re his favorite!!!!
B. At your chest. Come on you know you love it!!!
C. He’s always turning his head. Yeah, he’s got a staring problem.

When you guys decide on a date
A. Listens to you and let’s you choose. You def. wear the pants.
B. Takes control and orders everything. So chivalrous!!!!!!
C. It’s a little bit of both; 50/50 is the best way to do it.

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