Tideland Trailer


Director Terry Gilliam. What can he be called but a mad genius (Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail, Fear, Jabberwocky, Loathing in Las Vegas). Of course there was the aptly titled The Brothers Grimm. But he continues to challenge and experiment, while many in the film industry create for a supposed audience they may or may not get.

My favorite Gilliam film is The Fisher King, the story of two men on a downward spiral in their lives, who, by accident, help each other to live and love again. Only Gilliam could make me believe there are knights riding fire-breathing horses in Central Park, and that the Holy Grail is in a castle on Fifth Avenue.

His new film is titled Tideland. It’s about a young girl attempting to deal with her mother’s death, after relocating with her father to a rural farmhouse.

Below are links to various trailers for Tideland.

Check out the international teaser RIGHT HERE

And the trailer RIGHT HERE

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