Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Trailer

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake was one of those rare cases where the update outdid the original. The cinematography was outstanding, strong acting and Jessica Biel. So producers have decided to see if they can milk it with a prequel that goes into the origins of the killer Leatherface, again being played by Andrew Bryniarsk.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning focuses on two buddies and their girlfriends on a road trip, who get into an accident that calls brings a local sheriff (R. Lee Ermey) to the scene (Sounds familiar). Thus begins a terrifying experience where the teens are taken to a secluded house of horrors, where a young, would-be killer is being nurtured.

Jonathan Liebesman (Darkness Falls) is helming the film, which is scheduled for release on October 6, 2006. It turns out Liebesman is also currently in negotiations to helm a Friday the 13th Sequel also. We’ll see how he does here in October.

Check out the first trailer for the film RIGHT HERE

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