24 Coming to the Big Screen

Variety reports that Fox’s popular 24 TV show is headed for the big screen after years of speculation. According to the trade, Twentieth Century Fox srtuck a deal with series creators Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow, to bring the Kiefer Sutherland real-time thriller to the silver screen. Surnow and Cochran will pen the script and produce, along with Imagine Entertianment’s Brian Grazer.

No talent deals are yet in place, though Sutherland, who is producer and star of the hit series, has indicated high interest in starring in the film should it get a greenlight.

The writers will begin work on the script later this summer, just as production on the sixth season of the TV show gets underway. Once the suite at Fox get the first draft of the script in their hands by early winter, they will look at ratings for the first few episodes of season six, which begins in January, and then make a decision on the film.

If the film moves forward, it should begin principal photography next spring and summer during the hiatus between season six and a likely seventh season of the show.

The movie version of 24 will likely abandon the real-time story arch of the TV show, allowing writers much greater plot possibilities, opening up scenarios not possible on a show where all the action takes place in one day. High on this list is international travel.

The paper also reports that producers are considering possible locales for the film, including London. As far as storyline, the film is not expected to be closely tied to the 24 mythology, opening up possibilities for a brand new fan-base for the movie and TV show.

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