A walk in the shadows

Unified Pictures announced the acquisition of the motion picture screenplay “Beneath the Shadows” which was penned by Anton Pardoe (who wrote and starred in the company’s upcoming release “The Perfect Sleep”). Unified also announced that Jeremy Alter has signed on to direct and produce.

“Given the long-standing success of the horror genre, Mr. Pardoe’s unique ability to deliver an innovative and fresh lens to recognizable narratives, and adding Mr. Alter’s sophisticated directing eye, we feel we have a classic in the making,” said Unified topper Keith Kjarval.

Pardoe adds, “Since I was a kid watching ‘Creature Features’ with my brother through the one partially opened eye the blanket did not account for, I’ve had a lifelong fascination and love for horror in all its forms. I can’t wait to throw our hat into the ring of the macabre with ‘Beneath the Shadows.'”

Alter, who is currently co-producing David Lynch’s upcoming film “INLAND EMPIRE,” continues, “Pardoe and I have been looking to do a horror film for some time. Not only is the script soaked with atmosphere and scares, but it has depth and meaning beyond what you might expect. I am excited to bring this story to the big screen.”

Unified has just completed work on its most recent feature film “The Perfect Sleep” (starring Roselyn Sanchez and Pardoe) and co-distributing the multiple-award-winning film “Don’t Move” (starring Penelope Cruz). Kjarval, who joined Unified in 2005 and executive produced “The Perfect Sleep” will serve in the same capacity on “Beneath the Shadows.”

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