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The Fourth Protocol Music Composed by Lalo Schifrin Limited Edition


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UPC: 712187489485
Part No: BSXDG8948
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BSX Records presents THE FOURTH PROTOCOL, featuring music composed by Lalo Schifrin (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, ENTER THE DRAGON).

To score THE FOURTH PROTOCOL, the producers hired Lalo Schifrin. His music for the film is a rare example of the composer scoring an action film orchestrally. While his musical roots in jazz have found their way into his best-known scores, Schifrin has always shown himself proficient with orchestral scores, although the majority of his modern action scores have largely embodied a modern jazz musical milieu. As a result, THE FOURTH PROTOCOL is a kind of cousin to his orchestral score for TELEFON, in which Charles Bronson played a Soviet agent sent on a covert mission into the US. Like that earlier score, the music for THE FOURTH PROTOCOL is played mostly in the dark registers – lots of cello, bass clarinet, and bassoon evoking the dark possibilities inherent within the film’s title. Schifrin’s music for THE FOURTH PROTOCOL is not generally a character-driven score. With few exceptions, he uses the music to drive the story’s action rather than evoke personalities and perceptions. Lalo Schifrin has written more than 100 scores for films and television. Among the classic scores are MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, MANNIX, THE FOX, COOL HAND LUKE, BULLITT, DIRTY HARRY, THE CINCINNATI KID and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. Recent film scores include TANGO, BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE, THE BRIDGE OF SAN LUIS REY, AFTER THE SUNSET, ABOMINABLE, RUSH HOUR, RUSH HOUR 2 and RUSH HOUR 3.

Special Features

  • Limited Edition of 1,000 units


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CDSKU: 170227-63407-1
UPC: 712187489485
Part No: BSXDG8948
Weight: 0.11 lbs
Condition: New