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The Complete Films of William S. Hart: A Pictorial Record

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Softcover BookSKU: 180708-74015-1
ISBN-10: 0486238636
ISBN-13: 978-0486238630
Weight: 2.01 lbs
Condition: Very Good - The item is used but still in very good condition. There is little to no damage to the packaging, but it may have minor wear from storage over a long period of time. There may be minimal wear on the exterior of the item. See Details section and photos for specifics on item condition.

Product Types: Books | Softcover Books
Lines: Throwback Space
Genres: Adventure | Family | History | Western
Studio: Dover
Item Release Date: January 1, 1980
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The film Western has had many great stars, from Tom Mix to John Wayne to Clint Eastwood. However William S. Hart is still regarded as the most important Western genre movie star ever. Hart was the box office rival of such favorites as Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.

Author Diane Kaiser Koszarski, a well-known contributor to film scholarship, has furnished an informative introduction, with additional illustrations. She indicates why Hart was such a key figure in movie history and provides many illuminating details about his early life, stage career and films.

The item has some wear and creases on the edges, but is in overall very good condition.


  • Size: 8.4 x 5.8 x 0.7 in
  • Pages: 152
  • Language: English

Subject: William S. Hart
Authors: Diane Kaiser Koszarski
Filmography: All-Star Production of Patriotic Episodes for the Second Liberty Loan | Between Men | Blue Blazes Rawden | Branding Broadway | Breed of Men | Hell's Hinges | John Petticoats | O'Malley of the Mounted | Riddle Gawne | Sand | Selfish Yates | Shark Monroe | Singer Jim McKee | Square Deal Sanderson | Staking His Life | The Apostle of Vengeance | The Aryan | The Border Wireless | The Captive God | The Cold Deck | The Cradle of Courage | The Dawn Maker | The Desert Man | The Devil's Double | The Disciple | The Gun Fighter | The Lion of the Hills | The Money Corral | The Narrow Trail | The Patriot Bob Wiley | The Poppy Girl's Husband | The Primal Lure | The Return of Draw Egan | The Silent Man | The Square Deal Man | The Testing Block | The Tiger Man | The Toll Gate | The Whistle | Three Word Brand | Travelin' on | Truthful Tulliver | Tumbleweeds | Wagon Tracks | White Oak | Wild Bill Hickok | Wolf Lowry

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