Misty Mundae Mummy Raider DVD Edition (2019)

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Guns Blazing! Fists Flying! Skin Baring!

When peril threatens the world, it’s up to deadly yet delectable Misty Mundae, Mummy Raider to save the day and win the girl! The sexy and diabolical Doctor Humboldt schemes to build an indestructible Fourth Reich, but for that she requires the wisdom and magic of Ancient Egypt…and the resurrection of evil King Thotep. To that end, she kidnaps Professor Kleve and his beautiful daughter Kristen who hold the secret to resuscitating the Thotep mummy. When Humboldt’s seduction of Kristen fails, she forces Kristen to recite the incantation that brings the monstrous ages- dead mummy back to life. But little does Humboldt know that Misty Mundae, Mummy Raider is hot on her trail and even hotter in her tight leather outfit.

Misty battles Humboldt’s henchman and the rampaging mummy with big guns blazing, lethal fists flying, and silky skin baring! The mummy destroyed and Humboldt safely in chains, Misty and Kristen get down to the real action with a lust so intense it can raise the dead! And when Humboldt promises to reform, Misty sets her free, turning the ultra-erotic two-way into an even steamier ménage-a-trois. With Misty Mundae, Mummy Raider, the world – and a sexy woman – has never been in better hands.


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