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Lost The Hatch Box Set Diorama Toy (2006)

Currently Unavailable
Action FigureSKU: 180119-69789-1
UPC: 787926153095
Weight: 4.0 lbs
Condition: New

Product Types: Products | Toys & Figures
Lines: The Museum of Fantastic Art
Genres: Adventure | Cult Television | Drama | Fantasy | Mystery | Suspense | Television
Studio: McFarlane Toys
Original U.S. Release: September 22, 2004
Rating: TV-14
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What’s in the hatch? The mystery kept viewers glued to their sets for weeks, and now, the hatch can be yours! This deluxe set includes action figures and a fantastic display base. The Hatch Deluxe boxed set will replicate the opening of the outside of the hatch as depicted in the season one finale, and will include small scale figures of Kate, Jack, Hurley and Locke a hatch scene diorama base, a photographic background and a light feature to simulate the light that came from the underground door.

What is the Hatch’s purpose on what appears to be a deserted island? This boxed set re-creates one of the key moments of the smash-hit LOST.

The diorama and figures have never been removed from the original box packaging and are in great shape. The original box is included and has signs of wear, edge wear, creasing, bends and tears. Please review photos for details.


  • Lost, ABC's hit sci-fi/adventure/drama, is a show steeped in mystery and mythology
  • The Lost Deluxe Boxed Set features a detailed, fully excavated hatch immediately after it has been blasted open
  • This 7-inch scale deluxe box set includes action figures and a fantastic display base


  • Size: 13.1 x 8.8 x 8.7 in

Cast: Daniel Dae Kim | Dominic Monaghan | Elizabeth Mitchell | Emilie de Ravin | Evangeline Lilly | Harold Perrineau | Henry Ian Cusick | Jorge Garcia | Josh Holloway | Ken Leung | Matthew Fox | Michael Emerson | Naveen Andrews | Terry O'Quinn | Yunjin Kim
Subject: Lost
Creators: JJ Abrams

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