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Classic Planet of the Apes Collector’s Adventure Board Game


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GameSKU: 180410-72475-1
UPC: 827714012798
Part No: IDW01279
Weight: 3.01 lbs
Condition: New

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Product Types: Games | Board Games | Memorabilia
Lines: Cult Cinema Icons | Throwback Space
Genres: Action | Adventure | Cult Cinema | Drama | Monsters | Science Fiction | Thrillers
Studios: IDW | Twentieth Century Fox
Original Release Date: April 3, 1968
Rating: G
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Can you survive the horrors of the Planet of the Apes? IDW Games, Twentieth Century Fox, and Richard Launius (Arkham Horror) invite you to test your mettle against a savage and unfamiliar world. Planet of the Apes can be tackled solo or by up to four players working together, with each player representing a different personality aspect of stranded astronaut Colonel George Taylor. With gameplay that will truly test your abilities to strategize and work together, you must overcome the challenges of this classic science fiction adventure. It’s a race against time, ferocious enemies, and the unsettling mystery of the Planet of the Apes!

  • Players: 1-4 players, ages 14+
  • Play Time: 60-120 minutes

Special Features

  • Limited to the first production run only
  • Each game includes 4 exclusive figural markers
  • Game design by Richard Launius
  • Art by Leandro Lourenço

Game Contents

  • 1 Game Board
  • 61 Action Mini Cards
  • 15 Planet of the Apes Mini Cards
  • 24 Special Mini Cards
  • 4 Action Guide Oversize Cards
  • 4 Taylor Character Oversize Cards
  • 48 Encounter Oversize Cards
  • 3 Discovery Oversize Cards
  • 1 Ape Fate Track Token
  • 1 Statue of Liberty Fate Track Token
  • 1 Scene Token
  • 19 Skills Tokens
  • 9 Damage Tokens
  • 4 Plastic Standee stands
  • 1 Day Track Token
  • 16 6-Sided Dice
  • 1 Rulebook


  • Size: Box: 9.3 x 2.9 x 9.3 in

Cast: Charlton Heston | James Daly | James Whitmore | Kim Hunter | Linda Harrison | Lou Wagner | Maurice Evans | Norman Burton | Paul Lambert | Robert Gunner | Roddy McDowall
Directors: Franklin J. Schaffner
Subject: Planet of the Apes
Artists: Leandro Lourenço | Richard Launius

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