Grimm: Music from Seasons 1 and 2 – Original Television Soundtrack Composed by Richard Marvin

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Presenting the original soundtrack to the hit sci-fi/fantasy television series Grimm, starring David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch and Silas Weir Mitchell. Acclaimed composer Richard Marvin (U-571, Six Feet Under, Surrogates) crafts a spellbinding musical experience that is an indispensable part of this thrilling series about a homicide detective who discovers he’s a descendant of hunters who fight supernatural forces. Supervised by the composer, this collection brings together music score highlights from both the first and second seasons of this fan-favorite program.

Special Features

  • CD Booklet includes exclusive, in-depth liner notes


  • GRIMM Main Title (Season 1) (0:12)
    GRIMM Main Title (Season 2) (0:33)
    Organ Grinder: Buying Gallbladder (1:52)
    Game Ogre: How to Kill an Ogre (4:21)
    Beeware: Call of the Wild (3:04)
    The Kiss: Juliette Wakes Up (3:03)
    Danse Macabre: Tracking Billy (2:32)
    The Three Bad Wolves: Beaver Morph (0:35)
    Goodnight Sweet Grimm: Never Stopped Loving (2:09)
    Let Your Hair Down: Goofs in Car (0:42)
    Goodnight Sweet Grimm: Zombie Attacks Nick (3:22)
    Mr. Sandman: What Kind of Spice Shop (1:47)
    Last Grimm Standing: Monroe Cage Fight (7:14)
    The Kiss: Renard Takes Potion (2:05)
    Goodnight Sweet Grimm: Flies with Names (1:26)
    Bad Teeth: FBIAgent Killed (4:54)
    Bad Teeth: Bad Teeth / Kelly (4:41)
    The Kiss: Nick Awakes and Arrives Home (1:26)
    The Good Shepherd: Confronting Calvin (2:47)
    Of Mouse and Men: Quarry Fight (3:38)
    Season of the Hexenbiest:Renard Looks for Key (1:39)
    Natural Born Wesen: Bank Shoot Out (1:56)
    Natural Born Wesen: Key Necklace (1:45)
    Natural Born Wesen: Juliette Answers Phone (1:43)
    Goodnight Sweet Grimm: Voodoo in Trunk (1:23)
    The Waking Dead: Reconnecting (2:12)
    Last Grimm Standing: Renard's Revenge / Nick Cage Fight (6:05)
    Goodnight Sweet Grimm: Nick Vs. The Baron (7:18)
    GRIMMEnd Credits (0:33)


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