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Ancient Aliens Music from the Hit Television Series


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SKU: 180606-73612-1
UPC: 826924145524
Part No: LLLCD1455
Weight: 0.10 lbs
Condition: New

La-La Land Records, Prometheus Entertainment and History Channel proudly present the original score to the hit television series ANCIENT ALIENS. For twelve mind-bending seasons, this series’ spellbinding scores have been a key component of the show’s unstoppable success – charting investigative quests into planet Earth’s biggest mysteries with exciting musical drama and suspense. This release assembles some of the program’s score highlights and is loaded with thrilling cues from such composers as Dennis McCarthy, Allan Paul Ett, Jeffrey Hayat, Kieran Kieley, Michael Keely, William Ashford, Logue Ihn, Patrick O’Neil and William Pearson. Produced by Neil S. Bulk and mastered by James Nelson, this release is a sonic treasure for fans of the show and all film/tv music enthusiasts! Art design is by Dan Goldwasser.


  • Ancient Aliens Theme (version 1) 0:54
    Curse 1:50
    Doomsday Plan 1:06
    Underground Worlds 2:12
    Think Back 2:01
    Temple of the Ancients 1:37
    Worst Use 2:06
    Stone Causeway 1:54
    Warbird 1:18
    My Father Was 2:21
    School Record 1:28
    Profits 2:01
    Present From Space 2:05
    New Breed 2:04
    New Beginning 0:54
    Mission Protect 1:11
    Lower Case 2:14
    In Law 1:54
    Lost in the Land of Nowhere 3:27
    Lost City 1:55
    Journey Through Time 1:48
    In Terms 2:02
    Dark Horse 3:31
    Heavy Head 1:38
    Security Officer 1:56
    Good Idea 1:19
    Ancient Shrine 1:19
    Enveloped in Secrecy 0:41
    Doomed 2:32
    But What If 1:30
    Building Blocks 1:55
    Ancient Conspiracies 2:14
    Ancient Ways 2:06
    Constantly 2:37
    Fragments of Eden 2:42
    Alien Missions 1:58
    Kiki Must Like 2:07
    Mysterious Crush 3:24
    River of Life 2:00
    Ancient Aliens Theme (version 2) 1:31


  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Runtime: 78:41

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CDSKU: 180606-73612-1
UPC: 826924145524
Part No: LLLCD1455
Weight: 0.10 lbs
Condition: New