Innovative kung fu movie-themed bar and arcade PimpShuei opening screening room & filmmaker event space in Central London

The team behind London-based kung fu movie-themed “dive” bar and classic video-game arcade PimpShuei, need your help to get going with their new projects – the Double Bill Cafe and the Chop Socky Fest.

The Double Bill Cafe is envisioned as a screening and event space, cafe and filmmaker meeting & networking environment. Chop Socky Fest will be a signature event at Double Bill Cafe, featuring two weeks of classic & contemporary kung fu movie screenings. Check out their crowdfunding campaign page on indiegogo at and help spread the word about this innovative venture.

You can also find out more by visiting PimpShuei during opening hours at 59 Mount Pleasant, London WC1X 0AY, United Kingdom. Or check out the video below for additional details on the Double Bill Cafe and Chop Socky Fest.