Michael Mann’s cyber thriller Blackhat gets a new trailer

Yahoo Movies has premiered the new trailer for Michael Mann’s upcoming cyber thriller, Blackhat, which hits theaters on January 16, 2015. In the film Chris Hemsworth plays a genius hacker released from prison to take down a high-tech terrorist wreaking havoc on banks, power grids and other systems around the world.

Mann – who directed iconic crime thrillers such as Thief, Manhunter & Heat, and produced the 80’s TV drug crime show Miami Vice, co-wrote the script for Blackhat with Morgan Davis Foehl. The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, William Mapother, Wei Tang, Holt McCallany, John Ortiz, Ritchie Coster, Brandon Molale, Jason Butler Harner, Archie Kao, Spencer Garrett, Yorick van Wageningen, Tracee Chimo, Manny Montana, Sara Finley, Michael Flores, Leehom Wang, Joe Rudy Guerrero Jr., Daniel Juhn, Abhi Sinha, Michael Bentt, Danny Burstein, Peter Jae, Fabiola Sicily, Sophia Santi, Alexander von Roon and Gretalia Kensova.